Every Corner is a window into a diverse range of artist studios, primarily in Berlin. The artists are given a 360 degree video camera and asked to use the camera to document their studio. What they film is completely open to them; it could be a daily ritual, a view into an artwork that is otherwise not possible, a tour of the studio or the production of an artwork. The videos are short and produced with little preparation or editing - they should be a raw and honest view into the places of production of art.

Every 2 weeks a new artist presents their studio - and slowly an archive of studio visits grows.

What is special about 360 videos is that they cannot be cropped. From where the camera is positioned, everything is viewable. There is nothing to hide. Just as if you were physically in the studio, you can choose what you ignore and what you zone in on.

The 360 videos should be navigable by either moving your device around, or by using your mouse cursor and dragging the viewfinder to the left, right, up or down. Not all devices are enabled to view 360 videos and for that reason a traditional video is also uploaded where the video frame loops 360 degrees automatically around in a circle.

The project, which was initiated by the artist duo Sprenger-Williams, aims to invite a wide range of artistic voices to the archive. The videos will show a breadth of artists and artworks that are active today.